A SOUTHAMPTON mum has defended her right to buy a home after criticism that she was too well-off.

Sharon Ray, 30, helped Prime Minister David Cameron promote the Help to Buy scheme when he visited her £135,000 two-bedroom flat in Millbrook to have a cup of tea last Thursday, as reported in the Daily Echo.

The initiative uses public money to help people get on the property ladder as a way of helping to stimulate the economy.

Mother-of-one Ms Ray, of Regents Park Road, came in for criticism on social media when it was revealed she is a sales director for Enfields estate agents who sold the flat to her, and drives a £33,000 BMW 3 Series convertible. Critics also said she was married.

One tweeted: “Mr Cameron and Ms Ray. Gobsmackingly audacious!”

Ms Ray later posted on Twitter that the BMW was a company car and that she separated from her husband six months ago.

She also said: “I have done nothing wrong, I work 39hrs a week, everything I have I have worked very hard 4. When was it a crime to work hard?”

The Help to Buy scheme has helped 6,000 people nationally enabling them to get a mortgage with a five per cent deposit. Ms Ray put up a £7,000 deposit and borrowed the rest for the flat.