Top level talks will take place about the future of Southampton’s “family from hell”.

But council chiefs say they are unlikely to be able to kick them out of the city, as they have a legal obligation to house them.

As revealed in the Daily Echo, police have been inundated with complaints about the family of ten since they moved into a new home last year.

It is the fourth time in three years they have been rehomed in Southampton, and city council bosses and police will now meet to discuss their future.

Since being evicted from their home in Hedge End in 2010 each of the communities they have lived in has complained of abuse, antisocial behaviour and vandalism.

Residents living in their current street, which they moved into in July, claim they have had rocks thrown at their homes, had car windows smashed and dog faeces left on their doorsteps.

But the Daily Echo is still unable to name the family – who live on benefits – due to a court order imposed by magistrates back in 2010.

The Labour-run council’s housing chief Warwick Payne said he has requested a meeting with officers from housing, communities and children’s services, as well as the police.

One last chance But, following calls from opposition councillors to give the family one last chance or kick them out, he said: “There is an obligation on the council to house the family – we can’t not house them.

“The best case scenario will be that we work with the family so that everything calms down and everybody can get on with their lives.

“That is the cheapest option for the taxpayer.

“At the other end of the spectrum is that there is anti-social behaviour reported to the police, and they take it up with the Crown Prosecution Service and prosecute them.

“But that has not happened yet, and at the moment we are in a grey area between those two scenarios.”

Ahead of the meeting, which has not been scheduled for a specific date yet, he urged any resident who had been the victim of antisocial behaviour to contact the police.