A POLITICIAN has joined residents in a protest against rising rail fares.

Rowenna Davis, who hopes to succeed Labour MP John Denham in the Southampton Itchen seat at the next general election, organised the protest outside the city’s central railway station.

Joined by residents and Labour members, she handed out leaflets and spoke to commuters during yesterday’s morning rush hour.

Last week it was announced that annual rail fares are rising by an average of 3.1 per cent while tickets on average are rising by 2.8 per cent.

Ms Davis said she had spoken to some commuters who were considering giving up working in London as a result.

She said if you looked at other countries in Europe there are much lower fares, more efficient trains and higher satisfaction levels than in the UK.

“It just seems like 20 per cent [rise in fares] over three years is unsustainable when people’s wages aren’t going up by that amount,” she added.

“It’s completely unjustifiable and painful to people and damaging for the economy.”