GRIPPED by her tail, this is the moment young cat Daisy was swung about like a yo-yo.

Moments earlier, the 12- month-old feline had been thrown in the air before being bounced up and down by her owner.

Now Matthew Coffin has been banned from keeping animals for 10 years for causing suffering to the pet as he showed off to his mates.

This is the video shown to the court. However, caution is advised because some may find its content disturbing:

Southampton Magistrates Court heard how Daisy suffered unnecessarily at the 27- year-old’s hands when she wasn’t even one year old.

Coffin was at his home in Vanguard Road, Townhill Park, Southampton, with his girlfriend when the abuse to the cat was first seen by visiting friends. When they returned the following day they witnessed even more, Sarah Wheadon, representing the RSPCA, told the court.

Distressed by what they saw, they filmed it on a mobile phone before raising the alarm with the charity.

Ms Wheadon told the court: “In a vet’s opinion, suffering was caused for the period she was bounced and swung by her tail and this suffering was unnecessary. If it had continued as shown it is very likely she would have sustained injury. A responsible owner would realise that treating Daisy in this way was totally inappropriate."

The court heard how Daisy and another cat, Charlie, were quickly removed from Coffin’s care and they are currently at Stubbington Ark animal sanctuary awaiting adoption.

Coffin pleaded guilty to two cases of causing unnecessary suffering to the animal and was handed a 12-month community order including 150 hours of unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay costs of £150 and £60 victim surcharge at the trial yesterday.

In mitigation, the court heard Mr Coffin, unemployed, had accepted he should not have done it and regretted his actions. He is also undergoing mental health assessment for recent depression and blackouts.

Defending, Jonathan Driver said: “He did not appreciate that he was exposing Daisy to risk of harm and he accepts that he should have. He was showing off in front of his peers and he pushed boundaries which he should not have.”

He added: “He is remorseful.

This is a case of misguided inappropriate behaviour rather than anything malicious or sinister.”

The ban means Mr Coffin must also hand over two hamsters and a bearded dragon lizard to the RSPCA in the next seven days.

Speaking after the sentencing, RSPCA inspector Penny Baker said: “I’m really pleased with this verdict and I think it reflects how serious the offence was and that it was a deliberate action. It sends out a message that this behaviour will not be tolerated.”

• If you’re interested in giving Daisy and Charlie a new home, call the Ark on 01329 667541.