NEWLYWEDS Liz and Steve Bega were the picture of happiness on their big day but just weeks later their joy has been marred by the loss of Liz’s engagement ring.

The couple, from The Mallards in Totton, were watching live music at The Joiners in St Mary Street, Southampton, when the ring slipped off Liz's finger and on to the packed dancefloor.

Musician Steve, who had performed earlier on the night, got on to the stage and put out an appeal for the venue to help find the ring. They waited until the end of the night and staff even helped with the search effort – but their efforts were to no avail and the ring is still missing.

Now Steve has put out an appeal for anyone who may have picked up the ring.

Steve said: “Everyone there seemed to show some vague interest in looking for it but they couldn’t find it and we carried on the night as normal.

“My wife is gutted as you can imagine. She’s thinking she’s never going to get it back.

“We’ve only been married six weeks and we got engaged in September last year.”

If you know where the ring is, contact Steve by e-mailing