A BUS company has introduced fare rises, including in Fareham and Gosport.

The changes brought in by First include a rise in adult single fares between 5p and 20p per journey, and changes to child singles will vary between reductions of 15p to a rise of 15p, with the minimum fare now being £1.

Adult returns will go up between 5p and 30p per ticket with the £4.50 return up to £4.70, child return fares will also vary between a decrease of 15p and a 25p increase, with a minimum fare of £1.50.

The price of a Hampshire day ticket goes from £5.70 to £5.90, the child Hampshire fare from £4.80 to £5 and the family Hampshire ticket from £13.50 to £14.

A weekly Hampshire family ticket will rise from £33 to £35.

For full details of the new fares log on to firstgroup.com/ukbus/hampshire.