OVER 30 people were evacuated from a block of flats after a fire broke out in an apartment.

Now firefighters are warning people not to leave cooking unattended after two kitchen fires within an hour at two Southampton tower blocks.

More than 30 people were evacuated from Overdale Court in Archers Road after flames broke out in a sixth floor flat.

The fire - caused by a burning chopping board - was out on arrival and caused no damage but five engines from all three Southampton fire stations were called as a precaution.

At 9.40apm six engines from the three stations went to Shirley Towers in Milner Court when burning cooking in a fifteenth floor flat set off an alarm.

The fire was out when they arrived and no one was evacuated.

A member of staff from St Mary's fire station said: “It is important people do not leave their cooking unattended and keep doors shut at night to avoid fire spreading.”