A community spoke of its shock after a man's body was found in a Hampshire home.

Today the only evidence of the police drama that unfolded the day before were two police cars stationed on Gordon Road in Fareham.

Daily Echo:

A property which one of the police cars is outside of has its porch light on and purple tape on the door.

There is also a child's car seat in the front garden. Police have launched an investigation after the body was found inside a terraced house yesterday morning.

A 41 year old woman has been arrested in connection with the incident. Police are not confirming what she was arrested on suspicion of.

Residents told how they were first alerted that there was something wrong when they saw numerous police vehicles.

Diane Hale, 59, a part time medical receptionist, who lives on the road said: “My husband said have you seen all the police? There were two or three ambulances, a couple of police cars and a crime scene van parked across the other side of the road. And the woman from the van had her overalls on.

Daily Echo:

“During the day there were still police there, two policeman on the door. It's not an every day occurence, it's just something you think happens elsewhere, it doesn't happen in your road. I don't know them at all. We have had police officers knocking on the door they didn't give out any information.”

A 78 year old man who also lives on Gordon Road said: “We have been here 40 years. We have never had any trouble at all.”