MURDER victim Jahmel Jones desperately tried to get "back up", aware there were "problems" in the hours before his death, a court heard.

The 23-year-old was on his telephone and sent a series of message "seeking support and help" on the morning he was shot.

But Winchester Crown Court heard that "despite his efforts he was unable to" apart from one recruit, a drug user called Jason Hoitt who was to become the only eyewitness to what happened.

The pair were seen walking together along St Mary Street only minutes before Jahmel was shot in the head at a flat at number 69.

The property was the home of Derek Saunders and Susan Moran, the court was told.

Jurors have seen images of the movements of the trio accused of murdering Jahmel in the hour before the fatal shooting.

They had spent the previous night, having travelled to Southampton from London, in a flat in Graham House, Northam.

At 10.04am on Saturday April 20 they were seen on CCTV leaving the area and walking together through Northam and into St Mary Sreet.

They were later seen at 10.59am leaving the flat via the back before they made their way through the streets to Northam on foot.