CIVIC chiefs are poised to back a campaign to replace a noisy and outdated skatepark in a Hampshire town.

Lymington councillors are set to approve proposals to donate £20,000 towards the cost of building a new skateboard facility at Woodside Park in the town.

It follows the launch of a new group called Skate Lymington, which is calling for the existing amenity to be upgraded.

The group have an overall total so far of £20,500, including the council donation.

Their final target of £200,000 will be raised through grants and fundraisers in the coming year.

Skateboarder Matt Totczyk, 23, told the council’s amenities committee: “Woodside is now old and outdated.

“Rust holes are starting to appear, the ramps are coming apart from the ground and the floor of the park is so rough it’s quite unpleasant to ride.

“The council has fixed these problems each time they present themselves, but they keep coming back.

‘Ugly’ “The majority of the other parks we visit are made from concrete, which is taking over from the metal parks that have been around so long.

“They’re smoother and generally nicer to ride. They’re also much quieter, which is nice for local residents.”

Mr Totczyk said metal skateparks were “generally ugly”.

He added: “They’re painted black and grey and create a dark, cold feeling when you’re riding them.

“They stick out like a sore thumb and once they start to rust they look even worse.

“We want to progress every time we use our local park but as Woodside is now outdated, we are struggling to do so.

“We have the motivation, determination and patience to raise awareness of the need for a new skatepark but what we need is funding.

“We are prepared to run as many skate/BMX competitions as possible, apply for grants and attend as many meetings as it takes to make this dream happen.”

The committee chairman, Cllr John Olliff-Cooper, confirmed that the existing skatepark was noisy and added: “This council intends to support you.

“We expect to be able to provide about £20,000 in funding."