HE thought his plans were in ruins.

But Southampton developer Rafique Poswall was given a second chance at building homes in Southampton by city planners.

Mr Poswall was originally granted planning permission in 2011 to renovate a derelict home in Sydney Road, Shirley, and turn it into two flats.

But disaster struck when the building became unstable after he knocked down its chimneys – requiring it to be demolished.

He came back to a planning committee seeking permission to rebuild the property as two flats.

Mr Poswall said: “My costs have now skyrocketed and the project has been severely delayed. We are victims of circumstance and we ask for permission to continue work here in a safe and viable manner.”

Councillors voted six to one in favour of approval.

Councillor Paul Lewzey said: “I’m happy to support this. It feels that everybody has acted in good faith in an unfortunate situation.”