A DISGRACED former Hampshire MP was forced to wear make-up after his wife left him with two black eyes during their bitter marriage break-up, a court heard.

These latest allegations about the marriage between former Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce were revealed during the trial of barrister and part-time judges Constance Briscoe, who is charged with trying to pervert the course of justice in connection with the investigation into Huhne’s speeding points scandal.

Briscoe, who denies the charges, told Southwark Crown Court that on one occasion Mr Huhne had visited the family home after the split and Ms Pryce attacked him.

She said: “She dragged him through a window and punched him a few times on the eye.
''Vicky had given him a few punches and it had landed well and he had to cover it up because he was on the telly all the time.''

The court heard that Mr Huhne was attacked again as he tried to leave and was left with two black eyes.

The court has heard that Briscoe helped economist Pryce to reveal information about the points-swapping scandal to newspapers after she and Huhne separated in 2010.

The scandal was to lead to Huhne’s resignation and subsequent prosecution. He pleaded guilty in February last year, while Pryce was convicted after a trial. Both have now served jail sentences.