A DOG was rescued by firefighters after getting stuck 164ft up a cliff face.

Tyler, a three year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross was rescued by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service animal rescue specialist and support crews.

Animal Rescue Specialist Busta Brown managed to reach Tyler using a rope pack and get a dog catching pole around his neck and guide him down to safety.

In a statement, a Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "Tyler was recently rescued by his owners from an animal shelter where he was due to be put down. Tyler had another lucky escape after being rescued from the cliff face.

"Tyler's owners were thrilled to have Tyler back safe and sound and still can't figure out how he got up on the cliff face."

The dog was reported as being stuck on a 50m (164ft) high on a cliff face in Chalkpit Road, Paulsgrove, in Portsmouth at 9:26am today.