A HAMPSHIRE man’s latest dreams of adventure have been dashed.

Scott Tisson, 30, from Wickham, was in the running for a prize that would see him reporting on travel experiences provided over a year.

Scott had got down to the final ten in lastminute.com’s Spontaneity Champion contest, offering the winner a year to remember with up to £50,000 worth of free lastminute. com travel and experiences.

He needed to get enough public votes to stay in the top three, but just missed out at the last minute on votes.

The person above him then went on to win the competition with the judges.

But despite this, Scott says he has not given up on his dreams of travelling the world and did not rule out entering another competition if it came along.

This comes after the Winchester business consultant missed out on a ‘dream job’ through Tourism Australia last year that would have seen him swimming with dolphins and waking up kangaroos, for which 118,000 people applied.

Scott said: “I was disappointed, a bit frustrated about the time and effort that my family and friends put into it but it’s one of those things.”