Don't dump cans and aerosols – recycle them.

That is the message being given to school pupils across Hampshire schools like those at Our Lady and St Joseph Primary School in Lymington.

Recycle for Hampshire is a scheme by Hampshire County Council and Project Integra, which encourages residents to recycle, and they have been visiting schools to promote the recycling of tins, cans and aerosols.

Education officers have been visiting schools and explained to children that the average household uses 600 food cans and 380 drinks cans each year and they are all recyclable.

The campaign includes an Internet video of animated metal items being re-used and how they could make old tins into fun characters.

Councillor Leslie Keeble, chairman of the Project Integra Strategic Board said: “Teaching children about recycling is really important as they can take the messages home to their parents and carers as well as continue to recycle in the future.”