A COUNCILLOR has vented his frustration at the lack of action over the A31 after his campaign to get the speed limit reduced.

Ringwood councillor Michael Thierry met with transport minister Stephen Hammond in May last year.

At the time, the minister said he was “minded” to give the go-ahead to a trial of a 50mph speed limit.

But in August, hopes were dashed as Mr Hammond said the 70mph limit would stay.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Cllr Thierry said: “I’ve campaigned for many years for safety improvements on the A31, whether it’s been a minor bump or a fatality.

“I will continue to take that stance.

“I think the evidence is overwhelming that the A31 is a difficult road. Speed is an element there and I know that many people disagree with me.

“I’ve driven the A31 at 50mph and feel more comfortable doing that.

“People come off the end of the motorway and still have a motorway attitude.

“It does need some safety improvement and I see nothing in the pipeline and have heard nothing.

“It’s as if the meeting never took place and since then there have been incidents.

“I’m sure that there will be enquiries into last night’s incident but the A31 does need looking at seriously from Cadnam right the way along, it’s just not a road that’s conducive to that kind of speed.

“One feels very sorry for the families involved in this incident and when I heard about it I just think of the effort that’s been made to try to get something done.

“Why does it take a fatality to highlight this issue?”

South Central Ambulance Service said it sent one Rapid Response Vehicle, two ambulance crews, a Hazardous Area Response Team and three ambulance officers to the scene.

An officer from South Western Ambulance Service also attended.

One patient was taken to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and one to Southampton General Hospital.

Desmond Swayne, MP for New Forest West, said: “I’m very concerned to hear that another person has died on that stretch of road and it must have been a ghastly experience for those stuck there.

“I hope that there’s a full analysis of exactly what happened.”