CHRIS Blake had no idea the potential danger his heavily pregnant wife was under if she had driven the red Peugeot 307 he had bought from Woolston Car Supermarket.

After three months of trying to get the firm to look at faults on the car, the 34-year drove it to another garage for them to inspect it.

Mr Blake, from Bassett, Southampton, then learned repairing it would cost more than it was worth.

But worse still it could have put at risk his expectant wife Laura who was to drive the car.

He said: “The bonnet was so dangerous that if you go over about 30 mph the bonnet will literally fly up on the motorway.”

Stan Rudgley has pledged to refund the £1,695 paid for it by the end of next week.


MUM Karen Knowton says she cannot be sure the car she bought from Woolston Car Supermarket is safe for her vital commute to work or for ferrying children.

Daily Echo:

When trying to register the Vauxhall Astra with the DVLA, it told her the car was written off during an insurance claim and that it needed to have a test carried out before it could be driven.

She waited for months before the test was carried out.

Ms Knowton asked for a refund but was convinced by Stan Rudgley to take a refund for the test, a year's car tax and a year's warranty. To her horror the cheque bounced.

Now Stan Rudgley has pledged she will have a refund by the middle of next week.



MICHAEL Wiley was told by Woolston Car Supermarket his traded in Volvo had an auction price of £298.

But when the 24-year-old from Hedge End went to Fort Wallington Car Sales yesterday he was shocked to find it (below) on sale for £1,695.

Daily Echo:

In the three months since he struck a deal to buy the Toyota Celica he was never able to drive it because it had engine trouble and had been sent back for repairs.

Before Woolston Car Supermarket closed he fronted up Stan Rudgley, demanding to know what was going on with car.

This encounter was recorded on a mobile phone. It shows Mr Rudgley losing his temper before he began shouting and swearing, ordering to leave through the door of the office - or “out of the window”.

The recording then shows Mr Wiley leaving the office before he pleads with Richard Burbage who is sitting at a desk.

Mr Burbage accuses Mr Wiley of intimidating Mr Rudgley because he brought his friend along.

But he then says: “In two minutes time there's going to be a carload turning up.

“You don't need the aggravation so just trust me. You don't need it, it will be a whirlwind here."

Now Stan Rudgley has offered to hand his car back today.