A HAMPSHIRE man died after falling and hitting his head on two separate occasions, an inquest has heard.

William Robb, 85, of Sea Road, Milford on Sea, died on June 19 last year weeks after falling twice while in care.

Bill, as he was known, was suffering with dementia, which brought on several incidents of confusion in which he would become aggravated.

Reports indicated that one such incident caused Mr Robb to fall back and hit his head when tried to move his bed.

The bump brought about a subdural haematoma which was in the process of healing when he fell again some weeks later.

Dr Adnan Al-Badri, consultant pathologist, said: “Having heard the evidence there was some evidence of trauma to the head and that was caused by the body dealing with the first hit. Any movement at all, however minimal, can cause it.”

Recording a verdict of accidental death, assistant coroner Simon Burge said: “I’d like to extend the family my condolences for your loss and I hope this has helped in some way to explain what happened to your father.”