A Winchester supermarket has been prosecuted after potentially gone-off food was found on sale last year.

Arudchelvi Nimalarajan, of Oliver’s Supermarket Ltd on Oliver’s Battery Road South, was taken to court by Winchester City Council after an inspector discovered four pre-packed sandwiches and baguettes on sale past the use-by date in June 2013.

Mrs Nimalarajan was prosecuted for exposing for sale food past the use-by date at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court.

The offences were the latest in a series of incidents where high-risk products were exposed for sale to consumers. Between June 2010 and June 2011, on five occasions, 22 high-risk products were found on sale. On one occasion chicken bites were found on sale 17 days past the use-by date.

In August 2011 the council issued Mrs Nimalarajan a Simple Caution which led to grounds for prosecution.

She pleaded guilty to all four offences by notice and therefore chose not to attend court. She was fined £500 per offence, reduced to £360 due to the admission of guilt, and ordered to pay a £36 victim surcharge and £1,053 full costs.