A STRING of cars were broken into as thieves went on a crime spree in a city community.

Thieves broke into seven vehicles, including a white van, taking tools from the vehicle on Willow Court, Coxford, Southampton, they also attempted to steal a motorcycle from the same road.

They tried to steal tools from a Renault Master flatbed truck from Wittering Road, Coxford, and they broke into a Nissan Terrano that had been broken into earlier this month and patched up with tarpaulin.

Police believe three males were involved in the incidents. A 16-year-old boy was arrested and bailed.

Another three vehicles were targeted in Freemantle. Thieves smashed windows of a blue Volkswagen Beatle parked on Woolsey Road, a Peugeot Sportium in York Road and a Vauxhall Cavalier in Waterloo Road, making off with a sat nav and phone charger.

And on Sunday night thieves made off with hairdressing products including scissors, a comb, a metal box containing hair colouring and £20 in cash from a Peugeot 206 on Woolsey Road.

A police spokesman said: "Following the latest spate of thefts from cars we'd like to reiterate to people that leaving valuable items in your car is not a good idea. It means your vehicle is more likely to be targeted especially if they are on display.

A police spokesman said: “Please take money, tools, electronic items etc out of your car when you leave it parked up. Often people will put their sat nav in the glove compartment but it's one of the first places a thief will look especially if you have left the cradle stuck to the windscreen or it has left a tell-tale ring on the glass.

“We'd advise people to take their sat nav with them when they get out of the car, remove the cradle and wipe off any ring."

Anyone with any information should contact the Shirley Safer Neighbourhood team on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.