THE Warm Up Winchester campaign has a new supplier which is going to save people money when they switch to a new boiler.

The campaign, run by Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC), aims to get everybody using energy-efficient gas boilers at a low cost, or free for people who qualify.

The change in supplier means a reduction to the starting cost for a boiler by £150.

The new supplier, Dyson Energy Services, is a Green Deal provider and can give advice on being more energy-efficient.

WinACC volunteers have been delivering leaflets in Badger Farm and Oliver’s Battery and will be in Stanmore next week.

WinACC has already helped a large number of people upgrade their boilers and heating systems in the Winchester District since September.

Call Freephone number 0800 840 7208, quoting 'Warm Up Winchester', to be put through to an energy advice centre, where advice on how much money can be saved with a new boiler is given out.