THEY’RE taking a huge risk.

That was the warning from fire chiefs today as drivers ignored danger signs and continued to take their chances through heavy standing water.

Part of Derritt Lane in Bransgore, in the New Forest, has been under more than a foot of water for a week.

It’s already put paid to one car that had to be abandoned on the roadside after becoming half submerged.

Simon Rowley, founder of local business Fire Aid, said the same thing had been happening each winter for several years.

He said: “I don’t know what planet these people are on.

“If you have a big car and know how to drive through flood water then you may be okay, but why take the risk when it is only a mile detour to get around.

“You can’t see how deep it is, and if the car goes over the edge of the road, that’s it.”

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service area manager Andy Bowers said driving past closure signs was a “huge risk”.

“We have already been called to help rescue one driver from their car after they drove into flood water in Derritt Lane,” he said.

“We have also helped rescue numerous other people from their vehicles in similar circumstances in the New Forest in recent weeks.”

He said a car could be moved by just six inches of water, and drivers should seek safer alternative routes.