A driver had a lucky escape when the car he was reversing on to a transporter fell off the end.

Staff in local businesses watched in horror in Stoneham Lane, in the Swaythling area of Southampton when the six-year-old Mazda 6 trundled off the top of the lorry and landed with its wheels in the air at the front of the cab.

The drama happened at 9.45am, as the vehicle was being winched on to the lorry, while the driver steered.

Daily Echo:

Maintenance workers digging up the street outside the parade of shops downed tools and rushed to the driver's aid.

They helped the middle aged driver open the door and scramble out of the car unharmed.

The driver and a colleague tried to recover the car while another lorry with a crane on top gingerly winched it uprigtht and put on to another recovery lorry.

Daily Echo:

One onlooker Sonia Terrell from Elite Laundry said: “I heard this thud which I thought was a crash - looked out the window and saw the car in the road.

“It's quit incredible he wasn't hurt. You don't see that every day.”

Daily Echo: