A HAMPSHIRE home remained at the centre of a major police investigation today.

Specialist search teams stayed late into the night at the house in Totton, which was sealed off as uniformed officers stood guard.

This morning police remained at the scene with a police van parked outside and officers continuing inquiries inside the property.

Mystery still surrounds the on-going investigation and last night there was great speculation among concerned residents about what had gone on in the house.

Daily Echo:

But police remained tight-lipped over the investigation and refused to release further details.

Rose Road residents woke up to a quieter scene but continue to be perplexed over what is going on.

But some said police had been active through the night, including towing a car from outside the house.

CID were on the scene this morning too, and examined the shed first before moving into the house.

They spent more than half an hour on site and left at around 10.25am.

One woman, who lives in nearby Fisher's Road, said: "We could see lights in that garden from our house until 11pm but I've still no clue what's happened. No one's told us anything."

Cherie Bancroft, below, 47, of Rose Road, said: "We came out a few times last night but no one would tell us what was going on which was a concern.

"Most of them cleared off around 11pm but when I got up this morning I could see all these bright lights coming out of the back garden. I wish someone would tell us what's happening."

Daily Echo:

Another neighbour, who lives very near the sealed off house, added: "No one from the police has even knocked on my door to tell me anything. I haven't got a clue what they are doing."

Another neighbour said: "I saw a car get towed from outside the house last night but it seems to have died down for now."

Police on the scene are still not commenting but officers said they would remain on site for "some period of time".

Hampshire police were first called to the address in Rose Road at just after 2pm yesterday in response to reports of a breach of the peace.

A spokesman for the force confirmed that a man had been arrested at the scene.

However, following initial inquiries a search of the property was launched and the suspect was subsequently arrested for further offences – the details of which Hampshire police would not reveal.

Daily Echo:

While he was taken into custody, specialist search teams were called to the home to begin the search.

A spokesman for Hampshire police confirmed an occupant of the property was arrested after officers dealt with a breach of the peace incident.

The spokesman added that there was no risk to any properties in the surrounding area, no injuries had been reported and that no weapons had been recovered as of yesterday evening.

Daily Echo:

However forensic officers were called in just after 5pm yesterday evening while officers wearing harnesses were seen entering the four-bedroom house.

Search teams were also seen examining a shed, with plastic sheeting over the entrance, at the back of the garden of the property which backs on to Rushington Road.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that they had a specialist search team at the scene after being called by police at 2.26pm to help.

Daily Echo:

Crime scene investigators were seen bringing out cardboard boxes from the rear of the property and a gas engineer was called to the property at 6.30pm.

There was still a heavy police presence around the house and in the nearby area as the Daily Echo went to press.

Residents living in the community spoke of their bewilderment at the nature of the search.

One resident who lives on the road said: “The police have been here since I picked my daughter up from school.

Daily Echo:

“We have been told it is nothing dangerous but we have seen officers coming out holding evidence bags and there have been plenty of rumours.”

Another resident said: “I have tried to look around the property but there are police all round it.

“Clearly there is something pretty major they are looking for.

“I don’t know who lives there but I know there has been some building work going on recently.”

Another resident said they had heard the police were planning to dig up the garden as vans and police officers were stood guard around the entire property.

Daily Echo: A vehicle is removed from the scene

Another Fisher's Road resident, who has lived there for around 37 years, said: "It's concerning really because of Eling Infant School which is only down the road.

"Normally it's quite a quiet area; very quiet and we never have many problems. It was quite a surprise."

Meanwhile policemen took on an extra job when they collected post for the property at around 10.40am.