IT’s the new look for a town centre that it is hoped will bring in trade and boost investment.

Yesterday, people in Eastleigh got their first glimpse of what a £600,000 revamp of a key part of the town centre could look like.

The plans, which were on display for the first time at a public exhibition, include repaving Market Place in Eastleigh with natural stone, increasing its size, removing raised planting beds and “reducing clutter”

in the area. Civic chiefs say the current set-up has been in place for 21 years and is in need of a change to link the recreation ground to the town.

It is hoped the scheme will boost trade in the area and stimulate business interest and private investment in the town centre.

Eastleigh Borough Council regeneration officer Dave Francis said the redevelopment would see more space for stalls.

Currently the site can only fit 20 to 25 stalls, but under the new plans that will be doubled.

Mr Francis said: “This will invigorate Market Place and encourage it to grow, it could attract more specialist markets as well as provide more space for community events in Eastleigh.”

However people viewing the plans for the first time had mixed feelings on whether it is worth the money.

Steve Scanell, 35, a driver from Eastleigh said: “I think it’s a good idea only if we could afford it. I can’t see how it is going to make a lot of difference.”

One resident added: “It looks good, but the money has been spent before on this. I think they should be spending money to help ease the traffic congestion here instead.”

The public exhibition can be viewed at Eastleigh Market again tomorrow from 9am to 1pm, and the public consultation on the plan ends on Friday, February 28.

Work is expected to start in early 2015.