“I have had enough – it is tearing my family apart.”

These are the words of a Southampton mum-of-three, who is at the end of her tether because of mould in her two-bedroom flat.

Elisa Roe’s home in Millbrook has mould growing in all the rooms, with nearly every corner covered in large black spores.

She says it is aggravating her and her children’s asthma and it is so bad for her 14-year-old daughter Chloe-Leanne that she has decided to move out and go and live with her grandmother.

The family has had to throw away a TV, a wardrobe and toys because of the mould.

Elisa, 35, said: “It is disgusting, my children’s health is at risk and my daughter has had to stay with my mum.”

“It is causing so much stress because nothing is being done. I am worried about my little ones all the time because of this and it feels like no one is helping.”

Doctors have suggested that the family should be rehomed because of the impact on their health.

The problem at the home in Binsey Close began in 2012 when Elisa reported a leak to the council-owned flat.

Scaffolding was put up and work was carried out on the chimney. But damp continued to leak through the ceiling and a council letter has since revealed that tiles and lead work are missing from the roof.

During December’s heavy rain water poured through the ceiling and down the walls and Elisa fears it is only a matter of time before her roof caves in.

In a statement Southampton City Council did not say if it would rehome the family or why it has taken so long to resolve the problem. However, it did state what people should do should they have a mould or damp problem.

A council spokesman, said: “Our housing tenants should report any cases of damp to our Actionline, who log repair orders and forward them to our repairs team in order to be prioritised and allocated.

“The cause of damp may not be eliminated on the first repair visit on rare occasions, in which case we will attend the property again to re-assess and complete any further work that is required. “ l Tell us if you have damp problems. Contact Daily Echo reporter Michael Carr on 023 8042 485 or email him at michael.carr@dailyecho.co.uk.