A MURDER suspect sent a text message describing the "madness" he saw minutes after the fatal shooting took place, a court heard.

Pierre Lewis sent a series of text messages to his girlfriend in the moments after Jahmel Jones was shot dead at a flat in St Mary's Street, Southampton, on April 20 last year.

Lewis, 20, is accused of murdering Mr Jones along with Jemmikai Orlebar Forbes and Isaac Boateng.

Giving evidence at Winchester Crown Court, Lewis told jurors he was on the toilet suffering with constipation at the flat when the shooting took place.

Describing the events when Mr Jones arrived at the flat with friend Jason Hoitt, Lewis said: "I heard a knock a the door.

"I heard raised voices and a bang on the wall.

"I heard Isaac's voice in an anxious tone.

"I opened the door fully and I am walking out and there is a body on the floor with blood."

Ian Lawrie QC, prosecuting, said: "The body in the floor was in a cupboard door. You have Mr Hoitt on the left and Mr Jones is on the floor to the right.

"That must have concerned you greatly. What did you do?"

Lewis said he approached the body so fast he has to stick his arm out to stop himself from falling over before running out of the flat.

The court heard how Lewis caught up with Boateng and Orlebar Forbes, who he claims had already left the flat, in a corridor.

Mr Lawrie said: "Did you make an attempt to call 999?"

Lewis replied: "No. I was shocked. I just had to get out. I was scared, I didn't know what to do."

The court heard how the three men made their way back to Graham House, Northam, where they stayed the night before.

Mr Lawrie said calls and text messages were exchanged between Lewis and His girlfriend Rachel Kenehan minutes after the shooting.

He said one of the texts from Lewis to Kenehan read: "There has been some madness."

He asked Lewis: "did you use the word 'madness' in your text message to Ms Kenehan?".

Lewis said: "I probably did - but I use that word a lot."

Lewis, Orlebar Forbes and Boateng all deny murder but have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Kenehan denies conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, assisting an offender, and peverting the course of justice.