THREE men accused of a murder in a Southampton flat used the Internet to search for how to dispose of firearms, a court heard.

“Firearm disposal”, “angle grinder” and “acid that burns through metal” were some of the terms searched for using Google days after Jahmel Jones was killed at a flat in St Mary Street on April 20 last year.

Ian Lawrie QC, prosecuting, told Winchester Crown Court how Pierre Lewis, Jemmikai Orlebar-Forbes and Isaac Boateng, who are accused of murdering Mr Jones, stayed at Rachel Kenehan’s house in Hewlett Road, London, in the days following the fatal shooting.

Mr Lawrie said the searches were made on Kenehan’s laptop on April 23 – two days after the incident.

He told jurors a number of searches were made on the laptop on April 21, including “Jahmel Jones” and “Jahmel Jones dead”.

Further searches were made on April 22, including “JJ Murder”, while “RIP JJ Lucky” was entered into Facebook.

Giving evidence, Lewis revealed Boateng alerted him to an online news story about the murder.

He told jurors: “I was just shocked. I couldn’t believe it.

“I just thought ‘no’. I didn’t go to Southampton to be around that stuff.

“I went to Southampton only to sell drugs, not looking for anything like this to happen.”

Lewis told the court he tried to keep Kenehan, with whom he was in a relationship, away from trouble and refused to reveal what had happened to Mr Jones.

He said she became frustrated by this and ruined his new trainers with a liquid.

But Mr Lawrie argued Kenehan may have put white spirit on the trainers to clean off traces of blood. Lewis said: “She didn’t know. It was a headache trying to keep it from her. She ruined my shoes.”

The court heard how Lewis sent a series of texts to Kenehan minutes after the fatal shooting took place.

One described the “madness” he saw following the incident.

Lewis said he was in the toilet suffering with constipation and heard a commotion outside the door when Mr Jones, 23, arrived at the flat with friend Jason Hoitt.

Lewis said he opened the door to see Mr Jones lying face-down in the hallway in a pool of blood before running out of the flat.

He said he caught up with Boateng and Orlebar-Forbes in a corridor and jurors heard how the three men made their way back to Graham House, Northam, where they had stayed the night before.

The court heard how the men travelled to Basingstoke by taxi before being picked up by Kenehan later that evening.

Lewis, of Castlenau, Barnes, Orlebar-Forbes, of Cloudsdale Road, London, and Boateng, of Mill Farm Crescent, Hounslow, all deny murder but have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Kenehan, 35, denies conspiracy to supply class A drugs, assisting an offender and perverting the course of justice.