THE NIGHTMARE continues for exhausted residents whose homes remain underwater this afternoon.

Daily Echo:

Home owners who were evacuated from their houses in Budds Lane, Romsey, yesterday evening, returned to see what belongings could be salvaged.

Packing wheelie bins with anything that was not yet destroyed by the water, families and neighbours rallied round to help.

All of the homes in Budds Lane have been flooded after the River Test breached its banks overnight on Thursday.

Daily Echo:

Greatbridge Road is still closed as the water continues to flow from the fields and across the road, down into Budds Lane.

But while those living here are left to watch helplessly as their homes fill with water, the area has become a bit of a tourist attraction with scores of people turning up to take photos.

One Budds Lane resident, Caroline Egg, was evacuated at 6pm last night but was back to save what she could this morning.

Daily Echo:

She said: "I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It's absolutely awful.

"There's just nothing we can do. Everything is ruin."

Clive Gardner, who lives on Greatbridge Road, had tried to save his furniture by putting everything up on bricks but by yesterday afternoon it proved futile when water continued to keep pouring in.

Daily Echo:

His garden is under two foot of water, while inside, there's at least a foot of water throughout, leaving his carpets floating.

He said: "I'm a man, so not meant to admit this but I was in tears. Nothing can be done until the water starts going down."