FLOODING chaos is worsening in Winchester today.

One of the district’s main roads, the A272, was closed late last night due to flooding.

The main road, which has seen considerable groundwater flooding during the recent wet weather, closed near the Fox Inn at approximately 7pm in both directions.

Drivers are reminded to use the A31 as an alternative route.

In Winchester sandbags have been put around the river’s edge in a desperate attempt to slow the water flowing further onto Water Lane.

Charlotte Fisher, 37, of Durngate Terrace, has been pumping water out of her house since the weekend.

“It’s under the floorboards,” she said. “It’s rising and there’s not far to go before our back garden [which backs onto the river] is under. We started pumping a couple of days ago and it seems to be working at the moment.

“If it continues to rain at this rate we will flood. We’re going to have to move in with family or friends if that happens.”

Sue Dipper, 53, a resident at Water Lane, said: “The Environment Agency and the council have been absolutely amazing and the fire brigade were out yesterday helping to build the river defences, as was Keith, my husband. Quite a few people from up and down this street came out to lend a hand.

“Some people get angry over these problems but are we supposed to do? Build all these sandbags up and waste money for something that might happen? I think everyone has done the best they can to keep us as dry as possible. What more can we ask?”

Dan Noakes, 30, who works in IT in London and Reading, was forced to work from home today.

He said: “We’ve been telling Southern Water, the council and the Environment Agency about this for six weeks when it was only ground water. We’ve now been pumping from our garden to try and drain some of it away. Fortunately it’s not come in the house yet but we’ll just keep on pumping.”