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  • Diners rescued by army in restaurant drama
  • Roads blocked by trees
  • Flooding shuts major route
  • Trains suspended
  • Another weather alert issued



Tanners Lane in Romsey will be open soon, say police, after a fallen tree which is blocking the road is chopped up.


Thousands of homes across Hampshire are still without electricity, almost 24 hours after a ferocious storm wreaked havoc in the south.
Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD) have restored power to a further 20,000 homes in the region this afternoon and a further 38,000 properties are due to be re-connected this evening.

Daily Echo: POWER UPGRADE: Workers replace cables and pylons at Metal Bridge, near Spennymoor, in November, as part of an upgrade of the National Grid

Power has now been restored to more than 120,000 homes since large parts of the south were blacked out last night.

But tens of thousands of properties across Hampshire are still without power, including 2,689 in Aldershot, 1,282 in Basingstoke and 1,516 in the New Forest.

More than 10,000 households in the Petersfield area, including the Meon Valley, are also waiting to be reconnected.


Sunday's Hill in Hedge End is currently closed due to a fallen tree.


Daily Echo:

A jogger passes the beach huts in Milford destroyed in the storm.


A HURSLEY pub, the King's Head, has closed until further notice because of flood damage.
But the village's other pub, The Dolphin, is fully open.

A member of staff said it was not serving food this lunchtime but will be fully open this evening.

Daily Echo:

“We have a pump in the cellar but it is switched off at the moment because the water is not rising,” she said.

Daily Echo:


Daily Echo:

The Marine Cafe is now boarded up and secure


Daily Echo:

The clean up starts in Milford on Sea


2:09pm Sat 15 Feb 14

sapenny says

Why would you go to a cafe right on the seafront when you know hurricane winds are forecast and given warnings about not going near to the sea?


The council says that up to 100 trees have been removed so far.


Hampshire County Council has revealed that 200 trees came down over night - including this one in Portchester.

Daily Echo:


And in Pennys Lane in Fordingbridge the fire service continued an operation to lay sand bags to successfully divert flood water away from two schools and 200 homes.


Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service have revealed that they received more than 230 emergency calls and attended some 120 incident withing 24 hours.


In Winchester Andrew Gilham, flood manager for the environment agency, said the sandbag work would move a short distance upstream this afternoon - the fourth and final structure in the present scheme.
He said there were no current plans for further work in the Winchester area but a similar scheme was set for Romsey in the near future.
Mr Gilham added that about ten houses in Winchester were currently flooded but stressed that the figure would be much higher without the work of the Environment Agency, fire service, city council and armed forces.
Also at the scene is local city councillor Kim Gottlieb who said: “They're doing a superb job which is being carried out very carefully and methodically.
“It has been very worrying for local people but if you give them the facts they understand.”
Andy Hickman, head of projects at the city council, paid tribute to the two landowners who gave permission for the work to be to done.
One the soldiers involved in the project, Sgt Richie Smith, of the Royal Engineers, said: “It's good to be able to help - that's what the army is all about.”


Areas blacked out include large areas of Basingstoke and Aldershot plus parts of the New Forest. Petersfield, including the upper Meon Valley, has also been hit.

A SEPD spokesman said: “Following an early start to assess the damage caused by the extreme winds overnight, staff are working hard in some very challenging conditions to locate damage and repair to overhead power lines.

“Over 1,000 engineers, linesmen, tree-cutters, line patrollers and support staff are working in across the region.
“The conditions experienced by SEPD staff are extremely difficult as flooding and fallen trees cause them issues in gaining access to areas of damage.

“Engineers will make further progress throughout the course of the day and further updates will be issued at regular intervals. SEPD would to reassure customers that all efforts are being made to restore supplies as quickly and safely as possible.

“SEPD is paying extra attention to vulnerable customers and is working with Local Authority Strategic Coordinating Groups to ensure they are cared for and kept informed.”


Almost 36,000 homes are still without electricity in Hampshire, Southern Electric have said.


The tree at Ashurst in the New Forest has been cleared and trains and now running normally.








Mansbridge Road in Southampton has now been cleared of flood water and is open.


Andy Hickman, head of projects at Winchester City Council: said: “This is the second stage of the work that we started at Easton a few days ago.
“We are slowing down the flow and creating a storage area to the east of here in the water meadows. That will enable the water to go at a slower rate and give time for the water to drain away downstream.
In the city centre itself, a second metal barrier was erected early today in Park Avenue next to the School of Art.
The fire service is operating powerful pumps that are diverting water at the rate 70 litres a second through the affected area and down to the River Itchen at The Weirs.


Daily Echo:

A team from 22 Royal Engineers based at Tidworth were lowering more than 100 giant bags filled with gravel into the River Itchen near Kings Worthy.
A giant crane is parked on the edge of the A33, causing one lane to be closed.
The aim is to restrict the flow of the water and divert much of it on to surrounding flood land that will reduce the pressure two miles downstream in the city centre.


Soldiers were today building a third emergency dam near Winchester in a bid to save the city from the deluge.


Daily Echo:

Today in Winchester the army has begun a new offensive to keep the water at bay.


While one part of Hampshire has been battered by an intense storm another part is battling agains the floods.


Diner Jane Hopkins returned to the Marine Restaurant at Milford this morning to inspect the wreckage of the car she left behind last night.

Daily Echo:


This is a video of the clear up being started at Milford


Picture of cars tossed by the wind and sea at Milford last night.

Daily Echo:


Daily Echo:


Jane said that She said the first army truck they were in hit something and was so badly damaged they had to be transferred to a different one, but both had their windows smashed.
They were taken to the Lymington Recreation Centre and got a taxi home.
Their car that was left at the restaurant is likely a write off.
"All the cars have moved and have clearly floated around," she said.


She said: "We could hear stones hitting the window upstairs.
"Spirits were quite high. Most people were quite jolly, one or two had had a few drinks.
"It's a first to be evacuated. 
“I felt totally confident - the army guys, coastguard, and police officers overseeing it were brilliant.
"It just made you feel safe.
"They formed a human chain to get us out.
"I didn't feel concerned at all.
"They stood in all stood in a line you walk us out, we had to climb over a wall and onto the back of the big army truck.”


Diner Jane Hopkins, 47, of New Milton, was in the restaurant enjoying a Valentine’s Day meal with partner Greg Pepper, 64 when the drama at Marine Cafe unfolded around 9pm.

Daily Echo:







Hampshire Fire and Rescue has told how a 92-year-old woman was rescued in Lymignton last ngiht after her house flooded in just minutes leaving her chest deep in water.


The tree blocking The Avenue has been removed and the road is reopened.


Three fallen trees have blocked the railway line between Chandler's Ford and Eastleigh.

Daily Echo:
A train using the single track line was forced to stop about 400 yards from Chandler's Ford station.
Richard Hum, of Stourvale Gardens, Chandler's Ford, looked out of this window this morning to see trees across the track and the stationary train nearby.
“I didn't hear anything but they came straight down across the line right outside my house,” he said.


This amazing picture shows a Land Rover on the beach after storms last night.

It was posted by the Marine Cafe which bore the brunt of the storm last night.

Daily Echo:


Scottish and Southern Energy has listed some of the areas hit by power cuts and the number of homes affected:
Aldershot (2,500), Basingstoke (2,200), Bournemouth (1,000), Bracknell (1,000) Chichester (550), Isle of Wight (140) Melksham (2,900, Newbury (4,700), New Forest (2,940), Oxford (5,030), Petersfield (1,250) Poole (16,160), Portsmouth (50), Reading (12,700) Salisbury (4,800), Slough (595) Swindon (2,960) Yeovil (3,315).


Scottish and Southern Energy say they are hoping to give consumers a progress within the hour.
A spokesman said: “The sustained nature of the winds has resulted in fallen trees, branches and other wind-borne debris affecting power supplies.
“More than 1,000 staff are working to locate damage and restore power.”
The spokesman said strong winds, flooding and fallen trees were making it difficult for staff to reach areas where repairs were needed.


Scottish and Southern Energy say almost 100,000 homes across southern England are without power after 100mph winds wreaked havoc.
The total includes 2,940 properties across the New Forest, where families were plunged into darkness just before 9pm yesterday.
Elsewhere in Hampshire, 2,121 homes in Basingstoke and 2,200 in Aldershot are without power.
Almost 139 properties on the Isle of Wight have also had their supply cut.


As a result , say the company, thousands of people are still without power.


Southern Electric say that winds got up to 100 miles and hour last night.


Tree surgeons are working hard to clear blockage on The Avenue in Southampton.

Daily Echo:


This is the scene at Monks Brook this morning where it has burst its banks.

Daily Echo:



Runners took cover under trees at the start of the weekly fun run at Southampton Common when the heavens opened as they assembled at the start line.

Daily Echo:
But the burst of rain eased off and the 5km run got underway as normal at 9am.

Daily Echo:
Runners made their way past a number of fallen  trees on the route through the common.


Despite the weather hundreds of people braved torrential rain to turn out for Southampton Park Run today.

Echo reporter Maxwell Kusi-Obodum was among them and has sent this pictureDaily Echo:


Hampshire Police have reported that Heath House Lane in Hedge End is blcoked due to a falled tree.



Here's another short clip showing some wreckage.


Some video clips have come through of the scene at Milford this morning.


Reader Michael Purkiss has sent this picture of a tree that has falled near the Chicano Ink tattoo parlour at Market Buildings in Southampton.

Daily Echo:


Chief Insp Cooper, pictured, added: "The extreme weather conditions of stones being thrown from the beach with the power of the wind to smash windscreens of fire engines and military trucks was almost like they were being shot from a rifle. All the windows in the restaurant were smashed."

Daily Echo:

He said: "The extreme weather shifted boulders on to the roadway which meant that the army and other rescuers had to move the boulders to get to the restaurant, which would have been completely impassable had we not had the benefit of the two military lorries with their high ground clearance.

"Officers from the Force Support Unit who are water trained led the rescue team which comprised of police officers and coastguard staff. All diners at the restaurant were evacuated on the two military lorries and escorted by police to the recreation centre at Lymington.

"The combined efforts of the emergency services in rescuing people from the restaurant was supported by the local authority teams at the rest centre, where they completed a triage process to ensure that no-one was injured and everyone's welfare was taken care of."


Chief Inspector Gary Cooper of Hampshire Polce helped coordinate the rescue of the diners last night.

He said: Chief Inspector Gary Cooper, who co-ordinated the rescue, said:  "Last night's joint operation to rescue 32 people from the restaurant was probably the most difficult joint operation I have been involved in in 28 years of policing."


Hampshire Police are reported to be sending reinforcements to the Milford area after it is claimed that people are waling along Hurst Spit - currently being battered by dangerous waves.

Daily Echo:


Of those calls to the police control room, 759 were road related with many reporting fallen trees and flooding.


Just heard that emergency services are evacuating the area round the Marine Cafe in Milford for safety reasons.



Hampshire Police have revealed that  the control room received 2033 calls in 24 hours yesterday - twice the daily average.

Daily Echo: Stock image of Hampshire police officers


A childminder has told how passers by ignored screams for help as 50ft tree crushed car with toddler inside.

Read the full story here.

Daily Echo:


More pictures from the wreckage at Milford are on their way from the scene.


 She said: ''What had happened was, while they were eating, we had some freak waves which picked up the shingle, and the shingle was thrown against the window, smashed the windows and of course flooded the ground floor.
''The people took to the first floor where they were waiting for rescue.

"When our coastguard got there, they were just making sure everybody was safe when the first-floor windows were also hit by a freak wave and shingle, and those windows were also stoved in by the weather.''

Ms Bosman said she had never seen weather conditions like it.

She said: ''The sustained ferocity I have never seen in my experience. Last night we were getting gusts of 69 knots while this was occurring, and 69 knots is hurricane-force winds.
''I have never seen that in the Solent before.''


Meanwhile coastguards have spoken of the drama at Milford last night.

Karen Bosman, from Lymington Coastguard, said they sent a rescue team out after a request for help from the fire service.


It has been reported that Monks Brook at Eastleigh has burst its banks this morning.

Daily Echo:


Is there any let up?

Met Office keeps an Amber warning for the south coast this morning.

A statement says: "A further period of very strong winds is expected across southern and southeastern counties of England from Friday afternoon, overnight into Saturday morning.

Daily Echo: Worst storm for years is heading for the south coast

"Gusts of 60 to 70 mph are likely in the Amber warning area with isolated 80 mph gusts possible along the most exposed parts of the south coast.

"Winds will ease from the west during Saturday morning."


8:51am Sat 15 Feb 14

bigfella777 says

It was crazy last night. I cycled home from work about 10 pm through the common. I could actually hear the trees straining and creaking and the roar of the wind was incredible. It was kind of liberating though at the same time. It makes you feel very humble.


Locks Heath Road in Locks Heath has also been blocked due to a fallen pine tree.

Daily Echo:


Meanwhile Mansbridge Road in Southampton is shut again, until at least midday, due to flooding.

Daily Echo: Floods of February 2014 - Fordingbridge


Debris from destroyed beach huts strewn across the seafront at Milford on Sea.

Daily Echo:




Shattered glass on the furniture inside the Marine Cafe

Daily Echo:


This picture shows cars blown by the winds on top of the wooden wreckage from beach huts.

Daily Echo:


Echo photographer Paul Collins has sent incredible pictures showing the wreckage at the Marine Cafe.

"It's like a war zone down here," he said


A fallen tree has blocked The Avenue in Southampton near Alma Road and Lodge Road.


There are also no trains running between Portsmouth and Cardiff due to a falled tree near Salisbury.


Rails services were back up and running this morning with only the line between Romsey and Salisbury shut.


South West Trains suspended services across the region last night for safety reason.

Daily Echo: South West Trains services into Waterloo were hit by power supply problems and poor rail conditions


The drama happend at the Marine Cafe on the sea front.

Daily Echo:


The army called to rescue 32 diners trapped in a restaurant at Millford as winds blew rocks from beach shattering windows.

Click here for story


80 mile and hour winds brought chaos across Hampshire last night.

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8:43am Sat 15 Feb 14

userds5050 says...

Who writes these headlines?
Who writes these headlines? userds5050
  • Score: 0

8:51am Sat 15 Feb 14

bigfella777 says...

It was crazy last night. I cycled home from work about 10 pm through the common. I could actually hear the trees straining and creaking and the roar of the wind was incredible. It was kind of liberating though at the same time. It makes you feel very humble.
It was crazy last night. I cycled home from work about 10 pm through the common. I could actually hear the trees straining and creaking and the roar of the wind was incredible. It was kind of liberating though at the same time. It makes you feel very humble. bigfella777
  • Score: 6

9:07am Sat 15 Feb 14


lots of sewage effluent rising in the mansbridge estate,
lots of sewage effluent rising in the mansbridge estate, WILLIAM HAGUES TWIN BROTHER.
  • Score: 2

10:32am Sat 15 Feb 14

userds5050 says...

I love the DE has corrected one of the typos in its headline and left the other.
I love the DE has corrected one of the typos in its headline and left the other. userds5050
  • Score: 4

12:40pm Sat 15 Feb 14

Zexagon says...

bigfella777 wrote:
It was crazy last night. I cycled home from work about 10 pm through the common. I could actually hear the trees straining and creaking and the roar of the wind was incredible. It was kind of liberating though at the same time. It makes you feel very humble.
I had to turn the heater down in my car
[quote][p][bold]bigfella777[/bold] wrote: It was crazy last night. I cycled home from work about 10 pm through the common. I could actually hear the trees straining and creaking and the roar of the wind was incredible. It was kind of liberating though at the same time. It makes you feel very humble.[/p][/quote]I had to turn the heater down in my car Zexagon
  • Score: -6

2:09pm Sat 15 Feb 14

sapenny says...

Why would you go to a cafe right on the seafront when you know hurricane winds are forecast and given warnings about not going near to the sea?
Why would you go to a cafe right on the seafront when you know hurricane winds are forecast and given warnings about not going near to the sea? sapenny
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