Hampshire police have issued a bomb warning following the storms that have battered the county.

They said the storms had caused  unexploded shells to be wash up on beaches in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

And they warned people not to touch anything they believed to be an unexploded device.

The latest bomb, a six-inch device, was washed up at Hurst Spit, below, in the New Forest yesterday afternoon.

Police sealed off the Spit and put a 100 metre exclusion zone around the area.

Daily Echo:

Officers then carried out a search of the beach and discovered a number of other unexploded shells.

An army bomb disposal team were called to carried out two controlled blasts this morning.

In a statement the force said: “We're issuing this advice after adverse weather has led to an increase of reports of unexploded ordnance.

“Members of the public who locate what they believe to be unexploded ordnance are being advised not to touch it but to call police straight away.

“The adverse weather experienced in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight over the past few days has caused more unexploded shells to wash up on the shoreline or be discovered on flooded land.

“It is very important for public safety that these items are assessed and removed appropriately.”

Anyone who discovers items such as this should call police on 101.