WHEN Sarah Cotton opened her hairdressing salon at the age of 20 she never dreamt she would still be running it – and seeing many of the same customers – some 20 years later.

She was a mobile hairdresser when she came across an empty, neglected shop in Rownhams Road, Maybush, and decided to open her own salon.

She had intended to run it by herself but within a week of opening, demand was so great that she had to take on a member of staff.

And many of those customers are still coming to Cutting Edge today, which celebrates its 20-year anniversary on March 21.

Ten years after opening in rented premises, Sarah bought the shop next door, which is where the salon is still based today. She had intended to expand to run a chain of salons, but having children in her 30s got in the way of that.

However, she recently extended the salon, opening a beauty side of the business, and the shop now has eight members of staff, some of whom have been with her almost since she first opened her doors.

She adds that she is very careful about her salon, from making sure it is immaculately tidy to thoroughly checking staff before they see clients.

“I didn’t think I would still be in it when I turned 40 but lots of my clients have become friends.

“Because some of them have been coming in for so long you get to know people really well and I couldn't give it up now. It’s the clients who keep you going.

“I’ll be here for as long as I can work!”