HAMPSHIRE’S police and crime commissioner has welcomed plans to change the way people are detained under the Mental Health Act.

The Mental Health Concordat, which was launched today, aims to bring together the police, social workers, doctors, and nurses, to help vulnerable patients in mental health crisis.

Simon Hayes said: “I am hopeful that this commitment will bring renewed focus to the partnership work that is already under way with colleagues in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight who are responsible for delivering mental health services in the region.

“From a policing perspective, I am keen to ensure resources are used more effectively and outcomes are improved for people with mental health problems. It is critical that more health-based places of safety are provided for mental health patients at a time of crisis – especially those under 18 years.

“To this end, Hampshire Constabulary and the NHS Trusts in Southampton and the Isle of Wight are piloting Operation Serenity to integrate mental health and policing expertise to ensure incidents are managed appropriately.”