SOUTHAMPTON snowboard star Billy Morgan has denied swearing in a television interview during the Winter Olympics.

The BBC’s Hazel Irvine apologised to the viewers if they had been offended by “bad language” after Billy said he had decided to “huck it” on his final run of the snowboard slopestyle final in a bid to get a medal.

But the presenter was clearly not aware that the Urban Dictionary defines to “huck it” as “to move swiftly and with ferocity; usually pertaining to moving quickly to avoid or speed through unfavourable conditions”.

Already a popular figure on the global snowboard scene, the 25-year-old gained cult status following the brief interview.

“It was a case of go big or go home,” he told the BBC. “If I landed it maybe I’d have got on the podium so I thought just huck it.”

Within minutes #justhuckit was trending on social networking website Twitter and has grown in popularity over the past fortnight.

Now it has inspired a T-shirt by Butta, an eco-friendly ski and snowboard wax company.

Designer Dan Soane said: “You can’t blame the Beeb for apologising but ‘huck it’ is a common phrase in the extreme sports industry.

“We worked closely with our good friend Billy on this design.

“The colours represent the Union flag and like the flag it includes a cross with the way the thumb comes across – it’s quite deep!”

The T-shirt has already proved very popular, with Billy tweeting: “Guess #justhuckit is catching on haha. Super-stoked on this.”

Dan added: “It’s gone crazy. We had 40 orders in the first two hours.

“A #justhuckit sticker pack is also available at and we’ve brought out a sweatshirt as well.”

The T-shirt is priced £15 with at least 20 per cent of each sale going to the Team GB slopestyle team.

Billy began his snowboarding career aged 14, when he transferred the skateboarding skills he learnt in Stanton Road, Shirley, to the Southampton Alpine Centre’s dry slope.

He had been in contention for Team GB’s first medal at Sochi 2014 before finishing in tenth place in the snowboard slopestyle final after crashing twice.