HE claims to have slept with more than 700 women.

So was Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle really the right special guest for a club night for youngsters aged 13 to 16 in Southampton?

Not according to some concerned parents, who were worried about the effect his reputation might have on youngsters.

The star, who describes himself as an “ultimate lad”, was the star attraction at Hype at Oceana Southampton and was pictured with several teenagers, including hugging and kissing girls on the cheek.

One grandmother from Lordswood, whose 13-year-old granddaughter attended the event, said she was concerned his appearance might send out the wrong message to children.

She said: “Quite a lot of parents have been commenting on these photos on Facebook that they are inappropriate. When my daughter said my granddaughter could go to this night we didn’t know about the star’s reputation and my daughter has said she will not let her go to another one without checking who the special guest is first.

“There were lots of pictures of him cuddling, kissing and picking up these girls and I know there is nothing wrong with that and there were lots of other people around like the photographer, but you would not let your daughter be kissed in the shop by someone they just met.”

The concerned grandmother, who asked not to be named, added: “If his claim to fame is as a ladies’ man then I don’t feel that is an appropriate role model for such an event.”

Geordie Shore follows the lives of a number of people in their early 20s, living together in Newcastle.

The show features them going out and drinking heavily, usually followed the ups and downs of their relationships - as well as scenes of a sexual nature.

Southampton’s Tory education spokesman Jeremy Moulton said the club should have found a more appropriate guest.

He said: “We have an issue, as many cities do, with teenage pregnancy, so having someone with this reputation at a children’s evening is not the right message to be sending out.

“I would have thought the nightclub could have come up with a more appropriate person for children of that age group. I would go further and ask should this programme be on television because 13-year-olds will have more exposure seeing that.”

Monsignor Vincent Harvey, pastor of Southampton City Centre Catholic Parish, said: “I would certainly be concerned about sending the wrong message to young people who are easily influenced.

“Young people are looking for role models and someone to look up to, so I would be quite concerned.”

In January the MTV reality star said he had slept with 773 women.

He said: “Here’s some maths for you. A thousand, minus 500, plus 300, minus 100, plus 200, minus 600, plus 500, minus 27 is the amount of girls I’ve slept with.”

Gaz also has an autobiography out, entitled Gaz (And My Parsnip) – The Autobiography of Geordie Shore's Ultimate Lad.

No one from Oceana was available for comment.