IT’S a used car with only one previous owner.

But this top-of-the-range Mercedes used to belong to Britain’s most famous petrolhead, Jeremy Clarkson.

The outspoken Top Gear presenter paid £100,000 for the convertible SL55 AMG when it was new in 2002. Now it is being sold by a Southampton dealer – for just £14,000.

Emerald Motor Company, in Burgess Road, Swaythling, bought the car from Clarkson’s personal collection.

Clarkson – famous for his tirades against cyclists and caravan owners, and his ongoing feud with fellow TV personality Piers Morgan – had snapped up the high-performance car after falling in love with it during a Top Gear review, describing it as the Swiss Army knife of cars.

His review of the car, which aired on Top Gear five years ago, showed him driving the Mercedes and explains that the SL55 was used as a pacemaker in Grand Prix races and can accelerate from 0mph to 62mph in 4.9 seconds, with a limited top speed of 155mph.

Interior features include a TV, a voice-activated CD player, a telephone and leather seats which Mr Clarkson has kept in fantastic condition despite covering 111,331 miles according to the dealers.

Emerald Motor Company boss Chris Carey said: “This was really exciting for us. I was overwhelmed to have Jeremy Clarkson’s car. I watch the show every week and to actually have a car that’s been on TV, we’ve never had anything like it.”

He added that it was one of the best cars he had ever driven. “I’ll miss being able to see it from my office window. It’s about 12 years old but still runs better than some modern cars. I wish we could have ten more like it!”

A Top Gear enthusiast from Stockport, Greater Manchester, is now the proud owner of the Mercedes, having paid £13,990.

Chris said: “The car is great and the owner is very happy. He didn’t even want to know the specifications. I told him it was owned by Jeremy Clarkson and that was enough. It’s a lovely car and a great sale for Emerald.”