AFTER a hugely successful 2013, Bastille look set to continue their steep upward curve.

Selling out the BIC in support of the new, extended version of debut album Bad Blood – released exactly a year ago and currently back at number one – the London foursome were in top form.

A crowd full of skinny jeans and hotpants – despite the brisk March weather – enthusiastically greeted guest acts Brother and Bones and rapper Angel Haze, who made another appearance later in the evening.

Opening with the eponymous Bad Blood, Bastille garnered a huge reception, with shy but charismatic frontman Dan Smith seemingly having overcome the endearing – if at times difficult – humbleness that permeated earlier shows with a new, confident stage presence.

As the driving force behind the band – indeed, Bastille was originally just the frontman – the songs reflect him, from a gentle introspective look to his love for Twin Peaks.

Only really having one album and an EP which preceded it, Bastille delivered a relatively short but impressively tight set, tearing through a number of short and sharp tunes.

They did, however, throw in new songs along the way, such as Blame, which still called upon the electronic feel of the beats they’ve cultivated, but with a more stadium rock edge.

They demonstrated a wide and varied set of influences, but all containing a distinct DNA which sets them apart from their current peers.

The original tracks from Bad Blood, such as The Things We Lost In The Fire, Laura Palmer and Flaws went down a storm.

Undoubtedly, the highlights were saved for the encore, the all-conquering signature song Pompeii and arguably their best and bravest song, Of the Night, a dark and almost sinister mash-up of 90s dance tunes by Snap! and Corona.

After being one of the highlights of Glastonbury last year, Bastille look set to carry on their upward trajectory.

They’ve shot their bullet into the sky, but for the time being at least, there’s no sign of where it will fall.

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