HOW social services have improved safeguarding children in Southampton is the subject of an open day today.

Bosses from the Southampton City Council children services department will be outlining what improvements have been made to safeguarding in the city.

The theme of the day will be based around how Southampton City Council is driving through, what they describe as, a radical shift in the way it works with children and families.

The changes will see new integrated approaches to working with families at the earliest possible opportunity. The focus is on 'Early Help' with a single goal: to ensure the best possible outcome for every child.

The event will consist of short seminars and exhibition style opportunities aimed at providing those wishing to, or thinking about, working in children's care in the city.

Speakers will include the council's Chief Executive Dawn Baxendale and Theresa Levy, Head of Children's Safeguarding.

The event comes as the council prepares for the publication of two Serious Case Reviews into the deaths of three children who were under the care of social services.

The families of Blake Fowler and brothers Jayden and Bradley Adams were known to social services at the time the children died in 2011.

Inquests into the deaths of Blake, 7, Jayden, 2, and Bradley, 4, outlined failings in the way the children were cared for.