HE’S the Hollywood child star who is set to serve up a slice of rock ’n’ roll in Southampton later this year.

Macaulay Culkin, famed for his starring role in big-screen blockbuster Home Alone, will be topping the bill at The Joiners when he brings his band Pizza Underground to the famous venue in June.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, and organisers predict they will sell out fast.

 The 33-year-old actor, who also appeared in Home Alone 2 and Richie Rich, formed the group in February 2012 with musicians from New York City’s anti-folk scene.

The five-piece group pays tribute to rock band Velvet Underground by parodying their hits, with such names as Take a Bite of the Wild Slice, All the Pizza Parties and Pizza Gal.

Daily Echo:

Culkin appeared in family favourite Uncle Buck alongside the late John Candy before rising to international fame as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone in 1990.

He reprised his role in the film’s sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and his stock continued to rise with his appearances in My Girl and The Pagemaster.

He slipped out of the limelight and appeared in relatively lowgrossing films and television sitcoms after the turn of the century.

Ricky Bates, head of booking and promotion at The Joiners, revealed the news last night after keeping it under wraps for weeks.

He told the Daily Echo: “I had to doublecheck it was the real band when they agreed, which it is.

“I have had a good relat i o n s h i p with the agent looking after him, and a couple of them in the band are legit musicians themselves.

“We keep pushing further and further for everything we get – I make every single effort to get the bands we want.

“The Delays could have gone to the Brook, but they wanted to tour here.

“We have got so much strong stuff coming through – personally I keep pushing and pushing.”

Ricky said there will be a surprise in store for the Home Alone star.

“I have already planned to put thumbtacks on the stage, glue on the guitars, and paint tins hanging from the ceiling backstage,” he joked.

“This could be the most intimate chance to see a Hollywood child star in a 200- capacity venue.”

Tickets go on sale on at joinerslive.co.uk on Friday