HOW many more times?

That is what residents are asking after yet another lorry crashed into the Greatbridge Road railway bridge in Romsey.

Daily Echo:

Now they are calling for authorities to take action after at least 18 such incidents at the spot over the past ten years.

Emergency services raced to rescue the stricken vehicle in an operation that took more than five hours, leading to delays and road closures.

The Waltet waste truck hit the bridge and toppled over, dumping some of its contents.

The driver, a man in his 30s from the Southampton area, was uninjured.

Daily Echo:

Another lorry gets stuck under the bridge

Trains were told to slow down as they passed overhead due to fears over the structure of the bridge. Network Rail engineers later established that it was safe.

Drivers faced misery, with many roads shut off until 2pm following the incident at 9.15am.

It took delivery driver Robert Line, 43, from North Baddesley, more than an hour to get from one side of the bridge to the other.

Daily Echo:

Recovery specialists try to release a lorry stuck under the bridge

But this is just the latest in a string of accidents at the bridge, the most recent involving a lorry in July last year.

Three flashing signs warning drivers to turn back were installed on Duttons Road, Greatbridge Road and Fishlake Meadows in recent years. These are activated by high vehicles, and locals said that they had cut the number of accidents.

But residents and local businesses want more to be done.

Daily Echo:

Police seal off the road as the bridge claims another truck

They have suggested more warning signs on the outskirts of Romsey, a barrier across the road further up to prevent the vehicles getting to the bridge or stopping heavy goods vehicles taking routes through the town.

Graeme Hutchins, owner of G and N Packing and Logistics Ltd, said that one year he had seen four incidents, and suggested raising the bridge or lowering the road.

“Somebody’s going to get hurt one day. It won’t be the last time unless they do something else,” he said.

Marc Thompson, 47, of Budds Lane, said he would like the 30mph speed limit sign moved further back on Greatbridge Road and more speed enforcement measures.

Daily Echo:

Drama at the railway bridge in 2008

A spokesman for waste management company Waltet, which has its headquarters in Nursling, apologised for any inconvenience to motorists and said that staff had cleaned up the non-hazardous waste that was spilled.

He said: “We’re investigating the reasons for the incident.

“We can’t make any comment until our investigation is completed.”

Network Rail said that raising the railway bridge would be expensive, and it encouraged the Highways Agency to ensure that the signage was appropriate.