A HAMPSHIRE cancer charity has warned that more research is needed before those fighting the disease turn to vitamin C to beat it.

Latest research from America has found that substantial doses of vitamin C, taken intravenously, may boost chemotherapy’s ability to kill cancer cells.

But Wessex Cancer Trust (WCT) believe that the study is too small to prove it can or if it can contribute to the overall survival of those affected by the disease.

Scientists from the University of Kansas, who have now called for larger clinical trials, report that intravenous vitamin C could be a potentially safe, effective and lowcost treatment for ovarian and other cancers.

But while the results from their study proved promising, showing that those injected with a high dose of the vitamin experience fewer negative side effects from their treatment, WCT fear that as it only looked at 27 patients, it is too early to start considering it as a treatment.