A SOUTHAMPTON mathematician has presented his work to Parliament in an exhibition for young researchers.

Dr Adam Sykulski, 28, has discovered a way to predict the effects of climate change using the ocean and exhibited his research to politicians and expert judges at the SET for Britain event.

SET for Britain was created eight years ago to give scientists, mathematicians and engineers at the start of their careers a chance to showcase their research and win up to £3,000.

Adam grew up in Bassett but moved to London to study mathematics at Imperial College London.

He then went on to work with scientists who were collecting data from the ocean, at the University of London.

As a mathematician Adam used the data to predict where oil would travel in the ocean after a spill.

The former King Edward VI student said: “If we know more about the ocean we will be able to predict what’s happening with the climate and if there is an oil spill we can see where it will go.

“This is something people care about. We’re all at the start of our careers so this was a chance for us to learn and exhibit our hard work.”