A STREET has been cordoned off by police after reports of a sexual assault.

Ancasta Road, in the Bevois Valley area of Southampton, is currently the scene of a police investigation into the assault, which happened over night.

Officers are currently standing guard and the road has been taped off as investigations continue in to what happened.

A police officer is at the scene next to the junction of Clausentum Road, while a police van is parked on Bevois Valley Road.

The cordon was put in place at 7.55am this morning, and several residents have asked officers at the scene what is going on.

The cordoned area is next to Helibeds, and just around the corner is The Guidedog pub.

Currently a team of officers are scouring the area to find out what happened.

A woman who did not want to be named said that the area can be dangerous.

She said: "I drove past here this morning at half past 6 and the cordon was not here. This area is quite notorious especially late at night, this isn't unusual."