IT IS the £32m superyacht gracing the south coast after being presented to its proud new owner – Formula 1’s Eddie Jordan.

The majestic 155 Yacht, created by Poole-based firm Sunseeker, was officially unveiled to those who had worked on it from the beginning in 2010.

Mr Jordan took ownership of the yacht yesterday on behalf of the Jordan Family Trust, and said that he looks forward to having it at his home in Monaco, in time for May’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Mr Jordan said: “This dream is probably seven or eight years old in my head.

“I am a big fan of Sunseeker. I cannot tell how much of a fan I am.

“They are just a fabulous brand, fabulous family and a great workforce.”

His new 155 Yacht can cater for up to 12 guests, with space for up to ten crew, plus a separate captain’s cabin, as well as a bespoke social deck area, which can be turned into a nightclub.

It will be a chartered yacht which can be rented out to members of the public, with the first booking already made for three months, at a cost of £1m per month.