YOU finish work, put on your dancing shoes and head out for a night on the town.

But according to a new survey thousands of Southampton residents have lost “that Friday feeling”, choosing a night in over plans with friends.

A study by Travelodge found 42 per cent of people in Southampton regularly cancel their weekend plans so they can catch up with lost sleep, aka a “sleep date”.

The survey of 2,500 people also revealed locals manage an average of just six hours and 39 minutes’ sleep per night during the week, below the recommended eight hours.

And more than half of 18-24-yearolds are more likely to choose a sleep date than partying with 52 per cent preferring their beds.

But the trend decreases the older a person gets, with two thirds of 45-55- year-olds opting for the night out.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman, said: “Sleep deprivation is a growing problem, as year on year people are getting less sleep. Discussing sleep has become just as popular as talking about the weather so it’s no surprise that more adults are forgoing a night out with friends for a sleep date, so that they can catch up on lost kip.”

According to the survey, work is the principal reason for residents’ reluctance to head out with 41 per cent claiming they feel more tired now than ever before due to their jobs and 30 per cent saying they sleep less now than a year ago due to work worries.

Money worries and family issues round out the top three things keeping us awake at night.

But at least half the population is remaining honest when cancelling their plans, although the most popular excuses remain faking sickness and lying about working late.

Top five reasons that are giving people in Southampton sleepless nights:
• Work stress (30 per cent)
• Money worries (28 per cent)
• Family issues (17 per cent)
• Job security worries (12 per cent)
• Unfinished household chores (11 per cent)