IT is a supersize eating challenge that would be a tall order for anyone.

A Southampton diner has created a burger that weighs in at nearly 2kg. Not only does it have a 48oz patte, it also comes with eight slices of bacon, half a pound of cheese, a huge portion of mushrooms and is served on a 1kg portion of chips.

The giant burger costs £26.95 and can be found at Buzz’s Diner in Southampton High Street. It was the idea of manager Mark Thurston-Jones, who was inspired by a similar burger that he saw in an American restaurant in Louisiana which more than 500 people attempted but only two managed it.

Mark named his own version of the burger Buzz’s Big One, as it’s 5,000 calories a time it is twice the recommended daily calorie count for an average man.

He said: “I would say if anybody wants to do this they should always know the risk involved. Buzz’s Big One is an absolutely massive burger.

“You do not realise how big it is until you see it in the flesh, it really has to be seen to be believed.

“I think you have to be either brave or stupid to take it on and you have to have a seriously healthy appetite.”

Daily Echo:

Executive chef at Buzz’s Paul Mortimer said it takes half an hour to assemble the burger.

He added: “In an ideal world we want to challenge Adam from Man VS Food to take it on.”

If anyone does conquer Buzz’s Big One they will not be charged and their picture will be on Buzz’s Diner wall of fame.