A SHELL shocked community is this morning still reeling after the death of a murdered Hampshire newsagent.

Flowers are being laid at the entrance of Newsmarket in High Street, Eastleigh, in memory of Choudry Zishan.

People have stood in quiet contemplation of his death which is being talked about around the town.

Kevin Lowth, 47, said parents were discussing it at the school gates of Norwood Primary school where Mr Zishan's five year old son is believed to be a pupil.

Mr Lowth said: "Everyone was in shock at the school gates.

"It's ruined the community and everyone's devastated.

"He was such a happy and friendly man in a day in age where no one speaks to each other."

One of the tributes reads: "Deepest condolences. Thoughts to all the family. From Joy and family.

Another says: "Such a devastating loss. Our community will be poorer without you. With Love the Aspreys.

Douglas Mackay who has been visiting the shop for 15 years said: "It's terrible. I used to go there everyday for papers and cigarettes.

Daily Echo:

Flowers are laid outside Newsmarket

"He was a good person everyone was friendly with them. People always came back because they were polite."

People are continuing to leave flowers and messages and standing in groups discussing it.

One woman broke down in tears after being overcome with emotion.

Another 35 year old woman living in Market Street, who normally visits the shop everyday and knows the family said: "It's devastating. The family are a big part of the community.

"My condolences to them.

"He was well respected and the last person you think would be a victim of this."

Regular customer Gemma Terry,29, said: "he was so lovely and polite.

"They are a big part of the community and would bend over backwards for you to help.

"He was on the way to work to earn an honest wage for his family and this happens.

"To see so many people leaving flowers is touching.

"When something terrible like this happens the community pulls together.

"You realise what a close knit community we are."

Heidi Banham, 23, who works at South Coast Ink, said: "he was so lovely it was a shop that felt like home.
"They would always help you out."

Richard Cubbin, 47, owner of South Coast Ink tattoo parlour next door to the shop said: "It's disgrace. It's a crazy world.

Daily Echo:

Richard Cubbin, South Coast Ink

"We were speaking to him on Saturday and then this happens.

"We were very close as businesses and would help each other out.

"He was a very trustworthy friendly person.

"It's very cowardly attack."