Comedian Jim Davidson helped staff at a telecoms company celebrate the opening of their new offices, which has created 50 jobs.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner did the honours at OneCom’s latest building, which houses its customer services team.

The rapidly expanding firm took over the offices next to its existing base on the Solent Business Park in Whiteley.

It came into being last July as the result of a merger of Whiteley’s Premier Telecom and Business Phones Direct.

This created a company with a turnover in excess of £40million and up to 70 jobs.

It now handles more than 200,000 mobile connections.

Since then, OneCom has made several acquisitions including Brighton-based Black Sheep Communications, IT services provider Simplicity4 and Norfolk telecoms firm OneStream.

Staff moved into the new Whiteley building in February.

OneCom has offices in Camberley, Brighton, Plymouth, Leeds, Telford, Southampton, Norwich and Edinburgh.

Although chief executive Darren Ridge said the company, which has four buildings in the Solent Business Park, would continue to employ more people over the coming year, he said a key aim in the next year is to provide more additional products and services for customers.

He said the company was fortunate to be in a position where the size of the business meant it was able to negotiate for better deals on behalf of its customers.

“The rate of growth is phenomenal at the moment – we’re in an exciting telecoms revolution,” he added.

Celebrity Big Brother winner Mr Davidson, who lives in Stockbridge, uses OneCom’s services for his production company.

He said being able to communicate was key particularly when you are on the road touring.

“It saves money because the money you use to contract this company you can make this back in savings the company gets you,” he said.

Mr Davidson also spoke of his upcoming appearance at the Edinburgh Festival in the summer and then heading out on a 52-date tour around the country starting in September with a stop at Southampton Guildhall.

He did not rule out appearing in other reality television programmes like ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

“You never know what’s around the corner,” he added.