A DRIVER was jailed after fracturing a man’s arm during a road rage incident.

Southampton Crown Court heard that Ricky Severn attacked fellow motorist John Evans, using a crutch to batter his vehicle.

The court heard how Mr Evan’s Ford Fiesta was left with a shattered windscreen, two broken windows and covered with dents.

During the incident near a corner shop in Wilton Road, Southampton, Mr Evans also suffered a fractured forearm.

An Italian visiting England witnessed the drama as he parked near the shop.

Speaking with the aid of an interpreter, Massimo Nocentini described how he heard a blast of a horn and shouting coming from both vehicles after they had passed him and then stopped.

Mr Evans got out of the Ford Fiesta and kicked the driver’s door on a Corsa before getting back into his car, he said.

Mr Nocentini then described how Severn started attacking the Ford Fiesta.

“From the sound, it was obvious the windscreen was shattered and he continued to hit the bonnet and other parts of the car.

“The other person was hitting the other side of the car and in a few seconds the car was completely destroyed.”

Asked by prosecutor Tom Wright how the violence ended, he replied: “The two people got back into their car and went away.”

Ricky Severn, 27, of Alder Road, Southampton, admitted affray and causing damage.

Judge Susan Evans QC, who read reports, jailed Severn for 28 months.

After the case, Dc John Hyland, of Shirley Police, said: “This whole incident demonstrates that there is a great need for tolerance on our roads. Standards of driving vary but no one has the right to take the law into their own hands.”